TPMR:What to remember

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The TPMR regulations apply to all vehicles with 9 seats and less fitted out to be accessible to people with reduced mobility and to wheelchair users. The decree of 23 August 2013 distinguishes 3 categories according to the use of the vehicle: :

1 Vehicles for personal use: use of the vehicle for own account. For example, vehicles used in the family context..

2 Vehicles providing a public service: these are vehicles providing a regular public transport service, school transport or transport on demand.e.

3 Vehicles not providing a public service: all vehicles used for private transport are concerned. For example, a retirement home or a specialized IME, MAS house which transports its residents in an adapted vehicle TPMR.PMR.


Lateral passenger access: the height of the door sill from the ground must be less than 320mm. A retractable or fixed step should therefore be installed, the dimensions of which are at least 400 mm wide and 200 mm deep. At Dietrich Vehicles, we install automatic retractable steps with a width of at least 900 mm, which contributes to accessibility and passenger safety.ers.

People in wheelchairs can access the vehicles generally using a ramp or a tail lift.ur.

a The PRM access rampMR

The length of the ramp depends on the height of the vehicle floor. The higher the floor, the longer the ramp must be. The maximum authorized slope is 25. A TPMR minibus with a floor of 50 cm must therefore be equipped with a ramp of at least 200 cm. A longer ramp reduces the inclination of the access slope, which is therefore more comfortable for wheelchair access, but in this case the footprint is also greater, which can be annoying, especially in town.ville.

The new TPMR regulation introduces the need to position a contrasting color strip on the threshold and on the two parallel edges, which increases its visibility and therefore safety.

To go further and thus improve the visibility of the vehicle, we recommend installing additional flashing lights on the roof, for example, which come on automatically when the rear door is opened, which will make the vehicle perfectly visible to other motorists when getting on and off. of wheelchairs on the roadway..  

In normal use, removable raceway type access systems are no longer authorized..

b Lifting platformss

Aerial platforms are also a good means of access to the vehicle. Lifting systems are subject to Directive 2006/42 / EC. They must also have a minimum width of 730mm and a length of 1200mm..

We recommend that the latter be fitted with flashing yellow lights and red and white retro-reflective bands on the outer edges.

In terms of regulations, it should also be borne in mind that lifting platforms are heavier and more cumbersome than a ramp, which will most certainly have an impact on the vehicle's capacity in terms of the number of wheelchairs transported.s.



With the introduction of the new TPMR regulations, it is undoubtedly this point that presents the most notable development. Now regulations R14, R16 and R17 also apply to wheelchairs. Concretely, this means first of all that the three-point lap belt shoulder belts are now compulsory for travelers in wheelchairs in the same way as the other seats in the vehicle. Beyond the presence of the belt, it is its anchorages that are put to the test with this new regulation.ntation.

At Dietrich Vehicles, we carried out crash tests on a test bench in order to validate the resistance of our fixing points. The force exerted on the belts and their anchor points is 4.2 tonnes. Our equipment is thus tested under severe conditions during these tests.s.



The concept of people with reduced mobility is not limited to wheelchair users. This is why TPMR vehicles using public transport must have at least one seat with easy access.ès.

The additional fittings for this category of vehicles are as follows:

  • Presence of a seat near the door which is itself provided with handles..
  • Door sill height less than 320mm. Otherwise, a step can be installed with a non-slip coating. The stair nosing should also be of a contrasting color.
  • When starting the vehicle and while driving, an audible and visual signal warns the driver when the retractable step is not fully retracted..