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In 2021, the minimum fare for a trip remains set at 7.30€ for all Parisian and non-Parisian taxis.).

In addition, taxi fares are capped at:

  • 4.18€ for support;
  • 1.12€ for that of the kilometer traveled;
  • 37.46€ for the hourly price concerning the waiting period in case of reservation by the customer or slow walking.e.

For Parisian taxis, the supplements for reservations are, as in 2020, of:

  • 4€ in case of immediate reservation;
  • 7€ if booked in advance.

In addition, for all Paris taxi trips, only a supplement « passenger » of 4€ can be applied from a 5e person transported.

The flat rates established for direct trips by Parisian taxis between Paris and Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly airports in both directions are identical to those charged in 2020: :

  • 53€ between Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle airport and Paris on the right bank;
  • 58€ between Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle airport and Paris left bank;
  • 37€ between Paris-Orly airport and Paris on the right bank;
  • 32€ between Paris-Orly airport and Paris left bank.

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