What to do when you are early or late for an appointment?

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Although it is not always an indicator of politeness and good manners, punctuality reveals a certain professional know-how. It shows that consideration of others is one of your concerns. This is an essential state of mind in any profession and all the more so for the exercise of commercial or service professions.ices.

Let's start with the delay:

  • Notify the person you are talking to as soon as you are sure that you cannot meet the appointment schedule..
  • Specify if you can your approximate time of arrival..
  • Call back if your delay is longer than announced.
  • When you arrive, consider apologizing to show that you are aware of the exceptional nature of this situation.
  • You can explain the cause of your delay if it is not your fault, otherwise it is better to abstain.

When it comes to punctuality, many think too late, but be careful because being too early is hardly appreciated.é.

If you are early:

  • Do not show up more than 10 minutes early because your interlocutor is certainly busy before and after your appointment..
  • You can still call him to let him know that you are early and suggest that he start earlier if that suits it.ge.
  • The ideal arrival time is no more than 5 minutes before the scheduled time.ée.
  • To wait, go for a coffee in a bar, read a book, listen to the radio or to music, call friends or just take a walk.
  • Take advantage of these moments to revise your last minute "Check list".
  • There is, however, one common sense exception: if you are not dry, warm or cool in your car and the weather conditions are appalling, allow yourself to deviate from the previous advice, if only to put yourself sheltered and be in presentable condition for your appointment.V.

From the Express newspaper.